Modernizing healthcare, one provider at a time.


We believe all healthcare professionals should be equipped with state of the art technology so that they can serve their communities to the best of their ability. For the past two decades, Intelli-Tech has become a trusted adviser and leading supplier of such technology for internationally recognized organizations. Our experienced healthcare specialists are standing by, ready to assist as you seek to provide the best solutions to those we rely on the most.




Healthcare organizations all round the world spend a lot of resources making sure their facilities & network are secure. Perhaps the most important element to secure within these organizations are enpoints like workstations and printers. We work with hospitals and offices to make sure your most sensitive information is never compromised as a result of breached devices.



We believe technology should be used to make the interactions between healthcare providers and patients more personal. For the past 25 years, we've been introducing leading organizations with the most innovative tools to do just that. Let's connect and talk about customized solutions that will help your team embrace the current digital landscape and better serve their patients every day.